Why Make Trash When you can Make Cash?

Gamifying the Waste Management experience and Making it fun!

Refined at:
Foundation for a SMart City

Normal Bin Made SMART

S – Specific bottle identification
M – Measure the change created
A – Accurate data for decision Making
R – Reliable outdoor as it is Solar Powered
T – Timely update (Real time update)


Gamified Reverse Vending Machine

Single machine which accepts PET bottle, HDPE bottle, FMCG packaging. Placed in strategic locations acts as a Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) solution and a branding channel. Multiple options to redeem rewards such as mobile reload and discount coupons/free samples. 

No Personal Data

We will Never Sell your personal user data

Community Effort

Make your Community clean by induvial contributions

Data for Decision

Accurate Data on waste collected in a Location

Fun & competitive

Gamified Waste Management Experience for the User

Global Effort

To end Plastic Waste and co-create plastic Neutrality

Make a Living

Highest reward for a Plastic Bottle in Sri Lanka!

Community Effort

All Collected Plastic Sent to Recycling!

Making Sure all Collected Plastic are sent to recycling are tracked from the collection point onwards!

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